Thursday, December 20, 2012

Love :)

I have this person that i really loves. He just perfect to me. Eventhough we are far apart from each other, he still be there for me and waits for me. He always take care of my feelings. But we'll still have to wait for One year. I really hope you'll wait for me Baby. And another few days is our 6th Monthsary :) Half year of us as a couple.


Saturday, December 15, 2012


I know our love life have a lot of obstacle. But Baby, i don't give a damn about it.
I will fight for this relationship :)
I hope you'll do the same.
Cause' i can't live without you.
I just don't care about what people will say.
As long as you stay with me, I'll FIGHT for this relationship.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dear SO , 

You are the only one I've ever dreamed of .
We have been through pain and happiness together.
Baby , i know maybe i'm not good enough for you but you are absolutely the best
for me. I've never ask anything more after I've met you
because you're all that i ever wanted . 
And , if you loved me like you told me,
becareful with my heart. You can take it , just don't break it 
cause' my WORLD would fall apart :( I am so glad that I've met you.
And now , you're MINE and i am YOURS :) There are no other that can take your place.
Just please DON'T LEAVE ME and STAY WITH ME , will you?

I will wait for you , cause' you are the only ONE i want.
Every time i see your face or hear you voice ,
my heart beats faster and faster. I just can't explain how i really feel that time ^_^

24 JUNE 2012 <3

My Shaq Oth and My Lovely Gboo <3

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Love Story :)

Sometimes love will appeare when we doesn't want it.
I really wish it can happen to me naturally without any planning.
But i realise life is not a fairy tale , if only it is :)
Who knows maybe someday it's gonna happen to me ?
Well , i just have to wait until that day come.
I just wish that there will be a kind and nice looking Prince Charming for me :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Teardrops On My Guitar – Taylor Swift Lyrics & Listen

Teardrops On My Guitar – Taylor Swift Lyrics & Listen

New year 2012 :)

New year with new beginning and new story :)
By the way , let me tell my PMR result first .
Well , i'm not as clever as the other students .
So, my result in 5A 3B only :) But i'm already thankful for that.
So based on my result , my teacher put me in Science Account class.
Which is i don't like at first cause' i would like to stay in Science Biology class.
But it's okayy , maybe i will stay in Science Account class for a while
and see how things go :)

For now , it's been 6 months already i'm single.
But i think i don't need one right now :) Friends is enough already for me .
So, until here only this time .