Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dear SO , 

You are the only one I've ever dreamed of .
We have been through pain and happiness together.
Baby , i know maybe i'm not good enough for you but you are absolutely the best
for me. I've never ask anything more after I've met you
because you're all that i ever wanted . 
And , if you loved me like you told me,
becareful with my heart. You can take it , just don't break it 
cause' my WORLD would fall apart :( I am so glad that I've met you.
And now , you're MINE and i am YOURS :) There are no other that can take your place.
Just please DON'T LEAVE ME and STAY WITH ME , will you?

I will wait for you , cause' you are the only ONE i want.
Every time i see your face or hear you voice ,
my heart beats faster and faster. I just can't explain how i really feel that time ^_^

24 JUNE 2012 <3

My Shaq Oth and My Lovely Gboo <3