Wednesday, December 1, 2010


  •  Love is everything. No one can see it but I can feel it
  •  Love is a feeling you have for someone
  •  Love is that special feeling for that special someone.
  • love affection someone you really love
  • Love is giving your whole heart to someone no matter what
  • Love is something that you can not always explain but you know it is there.

    That is what LOVE means to me ...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Photoshoot :)

Yesterday , Tiara and i doing some photoshoot. It was my idea actually  because my and her fb 
have been long time no new pictures . So that's it , we change our dress , do some make-up . then starting the photoshoot . Tiara be my photographer while i be her's . But , that time is starting to rain . 
Then  , we were rushing taking the picture .  Well here is some of the pic of me and Tiara . More you can see in her and my FB :)


p/s - Sorry my pic cannot be straight like Tiara <3

Saturday, November 27, 2010


A very boring day . My sis left me at home while she going out . WTF =_='
huh . online all the time . fucking bored :p at 7.15p.m she's coming back . huhh .
well , she not alone . she bring someone . BILL :) no wonder she late . then a few minutes later , MILL arrived . at 10.15 they went home . And now she going out again for food . DAMM ! im hungry girl :(
please laaa ... BALIKKK !!

Friday, November 26, 2010

JoJo - Keep forgetting (to forget about you)

Him ???

Hurm , i felt something different lately . Its something that i felt before but not that strong like before . 
It is L.O.V.E :) but i can't cause' you are already taken . . So , we can just be friend . I dont want people to accuse me of stealing someone boyfie :p 
But i was happy now eventhough i dont have anyone special rite now :)
Im happy with my life now . No need to think about Boys anymore . 
All that i need is Friend to be beside me when i was crying , laughing in every momment .

But 28 september 2010 will be the date that i will never forget <3

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Without You ..

You said.. "we gotta be friends, nothing more"
and I just could walk and turn away..
and I promised myself that I'll be strong..
and that everything is gonna be OK..

as you told me that we were not meant to be
and that I'm not your girl, not at all..
and that it must be over now..
my heart broke and my tears started to fall...

I just couldn't face the painful truth..
I just couldn't go on and withstand..
I wished you could wipe my tears tenderly
I wished you could take me by the hand..

you said you have your own life..
you said you should never see me again
but I was in a desperate need of you
I needed you to help me get over this pain

you just left me behind.. all alone..
you just looked the other way..
I was begging you to be with me
I was begging you to stay...

I've never been happy since you went
I couldn't forget about how you easily left..
I tried hardly to start another beginning..
but all I did is to become so lost and adrift..

I'm telling you now and you know baby
that all I tell you is so true...
I need you and I love you, so badly..
and I couldn't move on without you..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Im Back !

Finally im back in Ipoh after 3 days holiday in Lumut .
Im not saying that it was a boring holiday , it just that being in my own town is more better :) we arrive in Lumut at Night . sO , as soon as we arrive .. we go to the Hotel .
We all were so sleepy until we didn't take bath and went straight for sleeping :p
HUHU^^ . then , the next day we took a ferry to PANGKOR . we went to TELUK NIPAH .
It was a very very hot day ! But my sister , Tiara and i just can't wait to swim in the sea .
Well , ofcause we gonna get SUNBURN . But , who care ? As long we have fun , thats enough :)

then we went DIVING , BANANA BOAT , JETSKI and moree <3
It was real FUN ! then we have to go back . During the nights , I was skype-ing with Bill . Then , Tiara also join us .  HAHA ^^ . I just arrive in Ipoh 5 hours ago . Well , the last word is . We all have Fun during the holiday .

p/s - sorry .. no PICTURE because i don't have time to snap some pics . because i was really enjoying myself :p

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hye Blog

It's been a long time since i write a blog . Miss you blog . HEHE^^
nway , nothing really special did happen lately . I was just celebrating my BFF birthday  at JUSCO .
Again Karaoke is the rutine . huhu^^ . Cinda , Nyra and i went there at 4 pm . We called the Cab but there is no cab that time :( . Until cinda and I decided to rode a Motorcycle to look for a Cab Just because of Nyra . We go looking until we reached the KFC at Bercham . On our way back I saw one Cab and i quickly ask Cinda to go to the CAb .. FUHH =_=' luckily i saw it . ´Hurm , That all for today pal .

Monday, November 8, 2010

Huh : (

In my room . Laying in my bed , unline while Listening to Music ( "T-Shirt" by Shontelle ) .
But suddenly , he Pop Up in my mind =_=' . Then my finger starting to type his FB name . I was just looking at his picture . It have been a long time since i looked at his FB . What's wrong with me ??
Am i starting to miss him again ? Ohh Amy , Cut It Out ! He doesn't even think about you laa :p
Nway , mybe he is already happy with another gurl now .

Amy , you can do it gurl . You try to forget him and you almost succeed . So , don't Give Up !

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hangout bersame kwan2

6 november 2010

Finally i get a chance to hang out with Tia , Pineh , Kema and moree :) and i also get to meet Samsuri Kamal and Aimi Syairah <3 They were really friendly . From the first , daddy gave his warning already. HAHA . He said " NO BOYS okay girls " . Well , what to do . I have to follow . Suddenly Tia told me that she and Pineh want to watch movie and they bought already the ticket . Luckily Kema was there . If not , i will be alone =_=' . While they were watching cinema , kema and i went to Pizza Hut . I was starving that time . It have been a long time since i ate my last pizza 2 months ago . It was really delicious :D After that , Tia , Pineh and i went for karaoke . It was real FUN . Eventhough our voice it not that melodious ;) HEHE ^^
Nway , Everything is fun and great until the time we have to go back . Thanks to Tia and Pineh for such a great day <3

Friend ??

Friend ? what does it mean ? A few weeks ago i just knew that my own BESTFRIEND betray me . My own Boyfriend text-ing my BFF saying that he love her , miss her and  ask her out on a date while he was still with me . Is that what REAL FRIEND is ? WTF laa =_=' . My own friend did that to me . It really SUCKS . How could she do that to me ? i've know her for a long time since we were KID. And you , you said you love me but how could you cheat on me ? with my own bestfriend ! It just WORDS laa . The most terrible part is when it was all my fault we break off . But you doesnt know your own mistake . You pretend like you never done anything wrong . But i guess now , i know you real attitude . So , i will becareful next time when i choose SOMEONE .

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Crazy Sister :)

Amy Nur Tasya , that's the name of my first Sis . Meanwhile , Amy Nur Tiara is the name of my second Sis . They're are the craziest sis that i ever had . Tasya is 21 and Tiara is 19 . Every Secrets we'll share together . Like Tiara said "What's the good of news if you haven't a sister to share it?" , Well sometimes i thought that Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. My elder sister always said "When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us?" haha .There is no others can take their place <3 


Sunday, September 26, 2010

About Me :)

  • Amy Nur Tinie Bt Abdul Aziz
  • 14 Years Old
  • 9 June 1996
  • Sunway Ipoh
  • I love you friends especially You sayangs <3
  • JERKS , Stay Away !