Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lepaking Day :)

Today i went to MCD. First i went to Giant because i wanted to buy present for my mom birthday . 
Ily and Nina follow me to Giant . They the one that choose the present for my mom .
It is something like a scarf , I hope my mom like it :p

Then , we went back to MCD , we met Tia there. First .. Ily , Nina and i were doing homework but then 
there is heavy raining ang strong wind . Ily and Nina move inside but Tia and I , 
we were still sitting outside . Then, we done silly thing . hehe ;)
we wrote on a paper then show to each other .

Me to Ily : FORM !
Ily to Me : Biarla , dengki ?
Me to Ily : Jangan nk form sgt lah :p
Ily to Me : Biarla . I Hate You <3
Me to Ily : I F*** you <3
Ily to Me : I F*** you too <3

Then , we stopped . haha . crazy Ily :) Then at 6.30 . we all go back :)

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