Monday, November 15, 2010

Im Back !

Finally im back in Ipoh after 3 days holiday in Lumut .
Im not saying that it was a boring holiday , it just that being in my own town is more better :) we arrive in Lumut at Night . sO , as soon as we arrive .. we go to the Hotel .
We all were so sleepy until we didn't take bath and went straight for sleeping :p
HUHU^^ . then , the next day we took a ferry to PANGKOR . we went to TELUK NIPAH .
It was a very very hot day ! But my sister , Tiara and i just can't wait to swim in the sea .
Well , ofcause we gonna get SUNBURN . But , who care ? As long we have fun , thats enough :)

then we went DIVING , BANANA BOAT , JETSKI and moree <3
It was real FUN ! then we have to go back . During the nights , I was skype-ing with Bill . Then , Tiara also join us .  HAHA ^^ . I just arrive in Ipoh 5 hours ago . Well , the last word is . We all have Fun during the holiday .

p/s - sorry .. no PICTURE because i don't have time to snap some pics . because i was really enjoying myself :p

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