Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friend ??

Friend ? what does it mean ? A few weeks ago i just knew that my own BESTFRIEND betray me . My own Boyfriend text-ing my BFF saying that he love her , miss her and  ask her out on a date while he was still with me . Is that what REAL FRIEND is ? WTF laa =_=' . My own friend did that to me . It really SUCKS . How could she do that to me ? i've know her for a long time since we were KID. And you , you said you love me but how could you cheat on me ? with my own bestfriend ! It just WORDS laa . The most terrible part is when it was all my fault we break off . But you doesnt know your own mistake . You pretend like you never done anything wrong . But i guess now , i know you real attitude . So , i will becareful next time when i choose SOMEONE .

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