Saturday, November 20, 2010

Without You ..

You said.. "we gotta be friends, nothing more"
and I just could walk and turn away..
and I promised myself that I'll be strong..
and that everything is gonna be OK..

as you told me that we were not meant to be
and that I'm not your girl, not at all..
and that it must be over now..
my heart broke and my tears started to fall...

I just couldn't face the painful truth..
I just couldn't go on and withstand..
I wished you could wipe my tears tenderly
I wished you could take me by the hand..

you said you have your own life..
you said you should never see me again
but I was in a desperate need of you
I needed you to help me get over this pain

you just left me behind.. all alone..
you just looked the other way..
I was begging you to be with me
I was begging you to stay...

I've never been happy since you went
I couldn't forget about how you easily left..
I tried hardly to start another beginning..
but all I did is to become so lost and adrift..

I'm telling you now and you know baby
that all I tell you is so true...
I need you and I love you, so badly..
and I couldn't move on without you..

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