Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hangout bersame kwan2

6 november 2010

Finally i get a chance to hang out with Tia , Pineh , Kema and moree :) and i also get to meet Samsuri Kamal and Aimi Syairah <3 They were really friendly . From the first , daddy gave his warning already. HAHA . He said " NO BOYS okay girls " . Well , what to do . I have to follow . Suddenly Tia told me that she and Pineh want to watch movie and they bought already the ticket . Luckily Kema was there . If not , i will be alone =_=' . While they were watching cinema , kema and i went to Pizza Hut . I was starving that time . It have been a long time since i ate my last pizza 2 months ago . It was really delicious :D After that , Tia , Pineh and i went for karaoke . It was real FUN . Eventhough our voice it not that melodious ;) HEHE ^^
Nway , Everything is fun and great until the time we have to go back . Thanks to Tia and Pineh for such a great day <3

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